Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 with English And Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 Introduction

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133: In Kurulus Osman episode 133, in the unfolding story, a symbol that holds significance for many tribes comes into focus. Simultaneously, Yaqub Bey receives news about Sultan Massoud’s condition, which casts suspicion on Osman.

Yaqub Bey trusted his son Muhammad and instructed him to the emissaries sent by Osman to muster support among the chiefs and unite them to his side. Meanwhile, Osman’s family, including Malhoon Hatun and Fatima Hatun, warmly welcomes Orhan and Alaydin.

However, the shadow of illness is looming over Bala Hatun, for which there is no quick cure in sight. She experiences a recurring dream, which is similar to Alauddin’s dream at the beginning of this story. After this, Orhan Bey sets out on a journey to the border and encounters rebels along the way. He invites them to meet Osman Bey.

The scene changes, revealing Osman Ghazi addressing the inhabitants of his fort. Cherkutay’s son inquires about his father’s return. Meanwhile, a stranger appears, carrying Cherkutay’s amulet as a memento.

He claims to be alive of the four harvested and reveals his whereabouts. Osman Bey takes possession of the stranger, who is preparing to leave for the fortress. The scene changes once again to reveal four reapers held in critical condition in prison, part of Yaqub Bey’s elaborate plan.

Osman Ghazi Leif is sent to the fort to eliminate. At the same time, they receive news of an incoming convoy which they plan to ambush. Mehmet Bey senses an opportunity to foil Ghazi’s plan and urges Chalo and Khan to join him.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 English And Urdu subtitles

An exciting caravan attack begins, followed by a tense face-off between Irfan Ghazi and Holfera. In an attempt to protect himself, Holfera tried to stab Irfan Ghazi with a dagger but was caught. He identifies her as a key player in his deception.

Meanwhile, Aladdin reaches Konya and finds Yakub Bey’s daughter already there. Both join forces and go to meet Sultan Masood. In the next scene, the Constantinople minister Vezilus reveals his cunning strategy, which has created discord between Yaqub Bey and Osman Ghazi.

Further intrigue unfolds when Yaqub Bey’s daughter, in collusion with the minister of the Konya court, seals Sultan Masud’s will with her royal stamp. Alauddin goes out cautiously. Sultan Masud tells Alauddin that he has hidden a treasure map, which now belongs to Osman Ghazi.

On the other hand, Osman travels towards the fortress of Ghazilef and crosses paths with Yunus Emre. Upon questioning, Yunus Emre adopted the alias “Dervish”. Yaqub Bey receives news of Sultan Massoud’s demise and quickly summons the chiefs, urging them to unite under his leadership.

In response, Osman Ghazi demanded the release of four captives by offering a substantial ransom but was met with hostility when they attacked him. During this turbulent time, Yaqub Bey declared his separation from Osman, staking his claim to the Sultanate after the death of Sultan Masud.

The chiefs pledge their allegiance to him. However, Uthman steadfastly refused to pledge allegiance, swearing to fight in the name of Allah. In parallel, Orhan Bey attempted to rescue Holofira with an offer of considerable gold, but Mehmet Bey intervened and claimed it as his own. The episode ends, leaving the audience curious about the upcoming developments.

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 English Subtitles

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